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We deal with big assignments too! Treat your facade to a new coat of paint!

We will be happy to help with the colour scheme for your exterior walls. We can also repair any cracks and clean your facades.

Looking for something special on your walls? – We would be happy to meet your special requests!

A variety of brush techniques, stucco Veneziano and rosettes can all be used to beautify any room in an individual style.

Rizzello Maler GmbH in Zurich – Over 30 years experience of painting & decorating and renovation

Take advantage of our expertise in painting & decorating and seek our skilled advice. You'll be in the right hands for your new or renovation project with us, whether big or small.


The long road to Rizzello Maler GmbH

Travini – Rizzello Maler GmbHGiuseppe Rizzello was born on 28 April 1960 in Taurisano, a small village in the province of Lecce in southern Italy.Just like many others from the southern countries who came to Switzerland at this time, he came here to improve his situation and his future.


Even as a child in Italy, he spent time embellishing his "means of transport" (a "Travini" or carriage) more artistically and making it more beautiful. He painted with the finest brush strokes, which he mastered at a young age. His "Passione" for paints and brushes drove him ever further towards this profession. Following his experience as a Travini artist, he entered the painting and decorating profession - a trade that required a great deal of knowledge of mineral products and the conservation of the building's value. He worked in Italy for a long time as a painter and decorator.

He was just 17 years old when he left his beloved country and those close to his heart to emigrate to Switzerland, taking only his cardboard suitcase full of hope and motivation. He was able to prove himself as a painter and decorator very soon after his arrival and found himself a permanent job. He adapted quickly to the Swiss way of painting and decorating and learnt Swiss standards rapidly. Over these years, he gained great deal of experience and more painting techniques to store in his cardboard suitcase – that same case that he had brought with him, full of hope and motivation and that he never forgot. He was driven on by this very motivation and his powerful passion for his profession to develop his own ideology of painting and decorating. He founded the "Rizzello Painting & Decorating Company". His creative, precise and passionate approach established his position on the market, proving his reputation as a painter and decorator. He has run his own company for 30 years already. Rizzello Maler GmbH has also celebrated its own 10th anniversary. Ten employees have supported him for many years, and have stayed the same from the very beginning! We are a great little family.

It is said that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - and it has been no different in the Rizzello family. After his own commercial apprenticeship, Gabriele Rizzello, the successor and son, joined the family business, caught up with his training as a painter & decorator proving its worth with a flourish in line with his father's strict and precise instructions! He is currently studying at the college for master painters and decorators in Zurich.

Together, they manage Rizzello Maler GmbH.

Practical information

Zypressenstrasse 58 8004 Zurich
Appointments by agreement Giuseppe RizzelloMobile: 079 416 76 20Gabriele RizzelloMobile: 079 960 44 65